Jeff Steen, CGCS
Director of Golf Course Maintenance

Welcome to August! With over 2000 additional rounds of golf thus far in 2020 vs. last year and over 3000 rounds with carts, it’s been busy out on the course!
It’s certainly been an interesting year so far for the Golf Course Maintenance team with the ongoing challenges we continue to face. My top priority is keeping the team safe as our practices on and off the golf course have a direct correlation with the safety of members and guests. We are working diligently to maintain the highest standards of safety during these difficult times. Flagsticks, bunker rakes and all other touchpoints which our team manages continue to be cleaned daily.
This month, I’d like to send out another invitation to please call, email or text me with any questions or concerns you may have about daily happenings on and off the golf course. Please feel free to set up a time to visit the maintenance facility for a behind-the-scenes tour, take a moment for some Q&A, or just chat and catch up. I’ve wanted to host a town hall meeting for all; however, since this is not possible at this time, please reach out and I’ll make myself available to meet one-on-one or in small groups. I encourage open dialogue. I would also make myself available to play a little golf if you’d like me to join your group.
As you may know, we received 3/4" of rain on Monday, July 20th which caused standing water in several areas. Without adequate drainage, and in some cases no drainage at all, it’s very clear as to why some isolated areas on the fairways continue to struggle. On this day in particular, the standing water disabled the team from mowing or performing other cultural practices. It’s a good example as to why we are not always able to accomplish what we intend to do on a Monday when we are closed. It also helps to clarify why we must keep carts on paths and restrict traffic.
The GCM team is excited about the vision we share and the common goal of continuous improvement! In the time many of us have been part of the team (less than two years), we are thankful for a few changes implemented and even more inspired about the future. We work every day to make The Country Club at Loch Lloyd a superior golf course for you to play. I believe that in two years, one can make changes; in five years, one can make a difference; and in 10 years, one can make it their own.
As a reminder, greens aeration is currently scheduled for August 24th and 25th.
Thank you for your continued support. We hope that everyone enjoys playing the game.
Jeff Steen, CGCS
Director of Golf Course Maintenance
The Country Club at Loch Lloyd