Grant Suderman
Golf Course Superintendent

Winter has officially arrived, bringing multiple snow events in early January. The temperature on December 31st was 63°, compared to the low temperature of 9° on January 1st! This 54° swing exemplifies the tale of the two months. The average high this past December was 55° (15° above the historical average) with January’s average high at about 38° (only 3° above the historical average).
Fairway Sod Work
Prior to the ground freezing, dormant Zoysia sod was installed in weak fairway areas throughout the golf course. This sod was repurposed from the remaining turf on the back practice tee. After the completion of the fairway sod work, the back practice tee was stripped and prepped for sod to be laid in the spring.
Tree Work
We have conducted a tree assessment on the property to evaluate all trees in maintained areas. The majority of trees scheduled for removal are located outside the cart path in maintained native areas. Less than 10 trees are inside the cart path in rough areas. These trees have been labeled for removal due to dead, decaying or undesired attributes. Many of these removals also possess safety hazards including dead wood and/or hollow qualities.
Tarped Areas: #9 Dormie North Green and #1 Green Tee
The recently seeded Dormie north green and #1 green tee will remain tarped throughout the winter months. The tarp raises the canopy temperature of the turf and protects from winter desiccation. Prior to freezing temperatures, multiple cuts were performed on these newly seeded areas.

Native Clean-Up
The GCM team will continue to clear overgrown native areas surrounding the golf course. Clearing and maintaining these native areas and creek banks will showcase the natural beauty of the property and aid in air movement for healthier turf.
Stay warm and stay safe!
Grant Suderman
Golf Course Superintendent